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He is creative producer about Electronic Music / Game Audio

Eser is a Istanbul based musician / visual artist working in an experimental style producing textured blurry soundcapes with fractured synths floating between form and improvisation. Eser is a self-produced musician rendering hypnotic and atmospheric soundtracks, which look out with half opened eyes, between dream and reality,

He has always made own tool to create something new.He is a creative producer about sound and visual also electronic/ambient music.Electronics and computer are most important tool for him,He has made sound, music and visual production also interaction design for various projects.

“Where the introduction into software tools such as,

Designing Sound= Samplitude Pro

MIDI Create/Edit/Resynt Layer FX = Logic Pro

Sound Design= Reaktor, Audiomulch, Max/MSP, Renoise, Audio GL, Cosmosf Saturn, Cosmosf FX,  Sunvox, many more..

Restoration Audio= IZotope RX, Samplitude Pro Spectral Cleaning

Mix= Samplitude Pro

Stem Edit= Protools HD

Has allowed me to experiment and explore new ideas, enabling me to produce strong unique Electronic Music (IDM)

Style : Electronic Music

Gsm: 531 6620418

Mail  : eserkaracamusic@gmail.com

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